Street lighting cabinets allow to control the time of switching on and off the lighting of streets, parks, squares or objects. Depending on the needs, we make systems based on simple astronomical clocks as well as modern solutions using GPS, GPRS, GSM technologies. These solutions allow you to turn on the lighting at the optimum time for the location, as well as allow remote administration of the lighting system.
Depending on the light sources used, it is possible to use additional equipment (softstarts and power optimizers).
These solutions are produced on the basis of polyester enclosures in II insulation class. Due to the transparency of the housing material for radio waves, it is possible to use internal antennas, which increases the reliability of the system and resistance to vandalism.
By optimising the switching on and off of the lighting, it is possible to achieve electricity saving.


The most important features

protection degree (depending on the installation location)

modern technologies (GPS, GPRS, GSM)

cooperation with sources

possibility of remote management


 energy saving

II protection class

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