Polyester cabinets


Masking frames MZG, MZZ are products, thanks to which it is possible to mask a recess in the wall of a building or to upgrade old cable junctions. This situation occurs most often in the case of facade renovation or thermomodernization of buildings. In the case of renovation, the masking frame improves the aesthetics of the existing junction. In the case of thermomodernization, it masks a recess, providing convenient access to the existing junction.
Masking frames MZG, MZZ consist of two elements: a frame and a door. Both elements are made of glass fiber reinforced polyester.
We offer two types of masking frames: MZG –smooth masking frame door and MZZ - ribbed masking frame doors. Each product complies with current standards

The most important features


protection grade

impact resistance

flammability category

II protection class

RAL 7035

standard color, others from RAL palette-optional

temperature operating conditions

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