During the autumn-winter and winter-spring periods variable weather conditions often occur, resulting in significant temperature fluctuations. Such conditions are conducive to the formation of humidity in enclosed spaces. This also applies to freestanding electrical switchgear, in which this phenomenon is particularly undesirable.
Due to water vapour condensation, the moisturecan appear on inner walls of cabinets and on electrical devices (pict. 1). It has a negative impact, as it may cause malfunctions, corrosion and even failures. Moreover, winter may cause mechanical damage to the components of a cabinet and equipment mounted inside, due to the freezing of accumulated water within the inner spaces.
1. Characteristics and technical parameters

In order to minimise this phenomena described above, it is possible to use a special pedestal filler in granular form. This material is non-flammable, chemically inert and resistant to moisture, mouldand fungus. It also has good thermal insulation parameters, is slightly hygroscopic, biologically neutral, non-conductive and causes no environmental hazard. In addition, it is rated fire class AI, according to standard DIN 4102, Part 4; resistance to heat at constant load exceeding 1000⁰C. The filler is available packaged as shown (pict. 2)

V-volume (dm3
Nr. kat.
900 025
900 050

The filler is an effective barrier against moisture coming from the ground, and at the same time reduces the empty space inside the switchgear. The use of filler reduces temperature fluctuations and as a result, condensation is reduced to a minimum. When using this filler it is important to follow the provided instructions, especially with regard to the amount of filler for each type and size of pedestal (tab. 1, pic. 3). Particular attention should be paid to adequate compaction of the ground at the bottom of the pedestal (before inserting the filler), to prevent subsidence of the ground, and thus reduction in the level of filler.

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