Polyester enclosures KS KSZ, 320 mm deep, made of insulating, slow-burning and self-extinguishing composite (polyester + glass fiber). They are resistant to atmospheric conditions (UV). Modular construction allows connecting the cabinet with pedestals or cable bases. Parts of the pedestal are removable without the need to use tools, are allowed for an easy introduction of cables into the installed junction. Specially designed construction of the cabinets with additional elements ensure fast and comfortable assembly of equipment.
Polyester cabinets with insulators KSi,KSZi, 320 mm depth, are designed for the assembly of collective rails and slat equipment. Insulators are integrated with the back of the cabinet and guarantee stiff fixing and normalized width of electric current rails (till 185 mm). Due to their size, this type of enclosures are usually used to construct cable junctions.


The most important features

IP44(IP45 – optional)
protection grade

impact resistance


flammability category

protection class II

2 types of roof - skew (for outdoor cabinets)
and flat (for indoor use)

2 types of surface – smooth/ ribbed
(KSZ, KSZi – ribbed doors and rear panels)

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