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Construction CT1, CT4

0,2s;  0,2;  0,5s;  0,5;  1 - accuracy class

LV Current Transformers CT1, CT4 are designed for interior use. Made of well-knit and rigid case (1), which minimizes the gathering of damp and protect from adverse interference in construction.
These devices do not need maintenance and guarantee safe assembly of equipment. LV Current Transformers are placed directly on current circuit (busbar, cable). In addition, these devices have got compression screws (2), which enable disabling equipment on busbar or  cable and mounting grip (3), useful for installing current transformers on mounting plates.

Miniatura - konstrukcja przekladnika


Miniatura - Przekładniki komplet

 Construction CTN5

Przekładnik napowietrzny CTN5


LV Current Transformers designed by EMITER are calibrated in company’s laboratory. To meet client’s requirements these devices can be deliver along with
calibration certificate issued by the Office of Measures.


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Basic parameters:

Protection grade IP20
Operating voltage 0,72kV
Test voltage 3kV
Temperature operating conditions -30oC;+60oC
Extended current range 120% In
Rated short-time thermal current Ith=60Ipp
Protection class I
Rated dynamic current Idyn=2,5Ith
Standards PN-EN 61869-2
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