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przekładnik CT5

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CTN5 current transformers are 1-phase transformers designed for external application. The secondary winding wound on the toroidal core is placed in a case. The case is filled with electro-insulating resin, which protects the device against damp and undesirable interference in the structure.


The connecting cable (2×2.5 mm2, 4 or 6 m length) has a reinforced double insulation made of rubber with limited flammability and oil-resistance. The cable is led out of the case through the gland. Current transformers are installed directly on a current circuit or set on a transformer tank. The circuit passes through the opening of the device case and is its primary winding. Two threaded holes M5 enable fixing the device in a required position. In addition, the transformers have special ribs which protect against the accumulation of water in the opening of the current transformer case when it is placed on a flat surface



przekładniki ct5 1


calibrated in the factory laboratory


made in the case type: E10, E11, E12,E13


resistant to harmful factors (f.e moisture)


provide safe working conditions for installers


do not require maintenance