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                                             UNIVERSAL PEDESTAL PARTITION





przegroda uniwersalna przód

przegroda uniwersalna lewa

przegroda uniwersalna gora

przegroda uniwersalna prawa

The universal pedestal partition is an accessory for polyester enclosures, which makes it possible to separate the enclosure chamber from the inside of the foundation.
Among other things, it minimizes the accumulation of moisture in the enclosure chamber. What is important, installing it on the pedestal does not increase the height of the entire set.



przegroda n a fundament  11

znacznikquick opening of the pedestal cover without the use of tools


znacznikpossibility to cover only part of the pedestal in case of use a multi-chamber enclosure (universal partition+ vertical partition adapter)


znacznikpossibility of installing the partition to the cabinet with pedestal


znacznikidentical front cover of the pedestal with and without partition