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We manufacture our polyester housing in our own production plants, from the production of SMC polyester composite, mold making up to the prefabrication of switchgears

Are you looking for a company that will produce SMC or BMC elements for you?

We have great opportunities and many years of experience in this field. We carry out orders including the implementation of a tool (form). If you have any questions on this matter - we invite you to contact us:


What is SMC and BMC?

SMC - Sheet Molding Compound is a composite of unsaturated polyester resin reinforced with glass fiber (12-50 mm long), mineral filler and other additives.


Miniatura-mata kompozytu SMC

It has a form of a mat with a width of 1.5 m and a thickness of several mm, wound in a roll. It is designed for processing by hot pressing.miniatura Tworzywo SMC - rulony

Polyester belongs to the group of thermosets, it is a thermosetting material. A material similar to SMC is BMC (Bulk Molding Compound), which occurs in the form of a shapeless mass or loose granulate. It can be processed by injection method. In this case, the fiber has a length of 6-12 mm.


Composition of the SMC composite:

Wykres SMC kolo ANG

In addition to basic components such as polyester resin, fiberglass and filler, SMC contains various additives in the form of: thickeners, anti-adhesive agents, flame retardants, etc.


The use of composites

Due to its advantages, SMC has been widely used in various fields for over 40 years.

Tworzywo SMC zastosowani 2 - ANG

The advantages of using thermosetting polyester composite:

  • very good mechanical properties,
  • resistance to high temperature,
  • non -  flammable (self - extinguishing plastic),
  • high resistance to low temperature,
  • resistance to weather conditions (UV),
  • high insulation,
  • the possibility to obtaining thickness ine the 1.1-60mm range in the process of forming,
  • the possibility of machining,
  • very good anti - corossion properties
  • lightness of construction,
  • high aesthetics
  • the possibility of recycling