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LILA cabinets are made of insulating, slow-burning and self-extinguishing composite (polyester + glass fibre), characterised by good mechanical strength and resistance to atmospheric agents (UV).

They were designed as enclosures for electrical modular devices.OZN cabinets are dedicated for installation in a wall (products meet requirements specified for recess cabinets) and on a pole (LILA i LILA+u cabinets are equipped with special holder which allows to the assembly it on the pole using 19 mm width metal band).

miniatura Lila - ozn

OZN cabinets are equipped with insulators with threaded insert M6 on the back wall, facilitating the installation of more equipment. Insulators are integrated with body of the cabinet and ensure rigidity of assembling.

Depending on the type of the cabinet, door is blocked by 1022-U66 lock with a repeatable key or by M5x16 screw. Additionally, there are concentric holes in the door and cabinet body for placing the seal.

obudowa ozn- mapa


Basic parameters:

Protection grade IP44/IP54/IP66
Impact resistance IK10
Depth 115mm
Rated insulation voltage AC 690V
Temperature operating conditions -50oC; +85oC-
Flammability category V0
Colour RAL 7035
Protection class II
Tracking resistance CTI 600
Dielectric strength 22 kV/mm
Resistivity 1014Ω cm 
Conformity EN 61 439-1
EN 61 439-3
EN 61 439-5
EN 62 208