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The elementary purpose of RST type switchgears is to equip pole transformer stations with transformers up to 630 kVA with the function to supply rural, urban and industrial service customers. The switchgear enables energy distribution to objects using an overhead or cable nN network. Switchgears of EMITER production are used successfully and find their place in all distribution and industrial companies.



  • aluminum sheet 2mm thick, shaped by  punching and bending method,
  • painting with polyester powder paint in RAL 7035,
  • joining sheet elements by means of riveting and welding,
  • the roof of the enclosure is equipped with a chimney, enabling the introduction of the power cable, the discharge of the drainage cables to the top, to the overhead line and street lighting,
  • the bottom of the casing can be equipped with a flat plate or a board with chimneys enabling the introduction of drainage cables to the ground,
  • the housing can also be equipped with a cable duct, protecting the drainage cables to the ground,
  • the door has a 3-point locking system. There is the possibility of additional security with a padlock,
  • the housing has two mounting channels in the middle, fastened with a crossbar. On request, it is possible to provide mounting brackets and mounting plates for the measuring field and other equipment elements,
  • the mounting plate of the measuring field is opened on hinges,
  • the door from the measuring field is equipped with a foldable laptop shelf. 

Additional switchgear equipment:

  • laptop shelf mounted on the door from the side of the measuring system,
  • folding roof by the measuring system,
  • service socket,
  • bottom covers, 
  • it is possible to make a description on the switchgear door 
  • cable duct for the introduction of cable circuits., 
  • pole holder,
  • platform for the housing. 



                                              miniatura katalog obudowy i szafy metalowe 2017

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Basic parameters:

Rated voltage


The rated voltage of the insulation


Nominal frequency


Rated impulse withstand voltage


The maximum current rating


The rated current of the receiving circuits


Rated short-time withstand current


Rated peak current withstand


Change of drainage ducts


Level of security

IP44, IK10

Insulation class



PN-EN 61439-1:2011
PN-EN 61439-2:2011
PN-EN 61439-5:2015-02
PN-EN 60529:2003
PN-EN 62262:2003
PN-E 05163:2002
PN-EN 61140:2005/A1:2008
PN-EN ISO 12944-2:2001P
PN-EN ISO 1461:2001P