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Tight Enclosures HYDRA are applicable, among others, in the energy sector, automation, telecommunication industry, and especially in places with a large extent of contamination and also places exposed to flooding (production plants, waste water treatment plants, coastal area). Specially designed construction of the enclosure provides efective protection of internal devices against the negative influence of external factors (dust, corrosive fumes, water).

HYDRA enclosures are made of glass fiber reinforced polyester, they are corrosion resistant against the impact of chemicals and solvents.









Enclosures HYDRA are available in two versions, depending on the degree of protection IP:

  • IP 65  with 2-point locking system with 2 locks;
  • IP 66  equipped with 4-point locking system,which includes: tight lock ZIP66, rod and locking elements, arranged on the perimeter.

Miniatura hydry - rodzaje

Hydra +fh



The doors of enclosure are equipped with polyurethane gasket. It is possible to reverse the door (left/right).


Basic parameters:

Temperature operating conditions: -50oC-85oC
Flammability category: V0
Protection class:: II
Material halogen-free material
Colour RAL 7035