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Measurement connectors, cable and measuring connectors are intended for the installation of measuring systems. They are used to secure the circuit and to measure electricity used by end users.

Measurement and cable-measuring connectors manufactured by us are built on the basis of metal enclosures and enclosures made of thermosetting plastic reinforced with fiberglass (SMC polyester composite).

Depending on the place of assembly, the following are expected::

  • free-standing connectors with an additional foundation
  • connectors adapted for installation of the building's facade.

Current tracks made of aluminum or copper flat bars with optional coatings (riveted, tin-plated).

As a special version, we also offer current paths made with a flexible insulated wire.


In measuring and cable-measuring connectors, depending on the customer's needs, we install::

  • meter tables
  • switch disconnectors,
  • fuse bases,
  • fuse bases
  • terminal strips creating any configurations in all connection systems.

Fuse terminals can be completed V-type or screw terminals. The whole connection is supplemented by a PEN or PE + N rail.


Miniatura Złącze kablowo-pomiarowe

Basic parameters:

In measuring part max 630A
In connector part max 160A
Rated voltage 230/400A
Rated insulation voltage 500/690V
Rated frequency 50~60Hz
Degrees of protection IK10, IP44(opcja IP54)
Working temperature -50ºC; +85ºC

Icw rated short - time withstand current


Ipk rated peak current withstand


Permissible duration of the electric arc


Protection class

I for metal enclosures with the option of partial isolation

II for thermoset enclosures