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Masking frames type MZG and MZZ consist of frame and door. Both elements are made of glass fiber reinforced polyester.

They can be used for installation in the wall recess of abuilding or for modernization of old cable joints.

MZG - smooth masking frame door,
MZZ - ribbed masking frame door.

Miniatura  obudowa MZG, MZZ

Maskownice MZ - mapa


Basic parameters:

Protection grade IK10, IP44
Rated insulation voltage AC 500V
Temperature operating conditions -50°C; +85°C
Flammability category V0
Colour RSL 7035
Protection class II
Tracking resistance CTI600
Dielectric strength 22 kV/mm
Resistivity 1014Ωcm 
Conformity EN 61 439-1
EN 61 439-3
EN 61 439-5
EN 62 208