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1.Eroded surface.

1. Before painting the eroded surface (Fig. 1) must be cleaned from dirt and released fiberglass.  The recommended method is to wipe enclosure with a fabric moistened with water (Fig. 2, 3). In case of greasiness of the surface add detergent to the water. The dry, mechanical cleaning is also acceptable. Use sanding paper or dense wire brush, the side effect of above mentioned method is dust floating in the air.

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2.Cleaning the eroded surface of the cabinet using moistened fabric.

2. When using spray paint LRS 400, follow the instructions on the box. Alternatively it can be used also a two-component polyurethane paint for outdoor applications. The paint is mixed with hardener (transparent substance delivered in a separate container) in proportions specified by the manufacturer. If you need to dilute the mixture (in case eg high ambient temperature or density due to evaporation), use poliurethane paint thinner. Action stability of the mixture: 6-8 hours.

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3. The element partially cleaned using a fabric moistened with water.

3. The prepared mixture apply by spray on clean and dust-free surfaces (Fig. 4). The recommended number of coats - 2 at an interval of 5 minutes. It is also allowed to apply paint roller.

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4. Painting with spray paint LRS 400.

4. The dry coating is obtained after 30 minutes at 20°C (fig. 5).

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5.Part of the cabinet painted with LRS 400.

5. Efficiency: ca 12 m 2/kg - depends on the conditions and parameters of the coating application.