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KS and KSZ cabinets, 320 mm depth, made of insulating, slow-burning and self-extinguishing composite (polyester + glass fibre) characterized with resistance to atmospheric agents (UV). Module construction allows to connect the cabinet with pedestals and cable bases.

Miniatura Obudowy KS, KSZ - zestaw



Types of external surfaces:
KS - all surfaces smooth,
KSZ - ribbed doors and back walls.
The ventilation system  minimizes the gathering of damp. There are two types of roof: skew  and flat .

Parts of the pedestal are removable without the need to use tools, allow for an easy introduction of cables into the installed junctions.
Specially designed construction of the cabinet with additional elements ensure fast and comfortable assembly of equipment. Extended depth (320 mm) allows to fix large apparatus.

Obudowy ksz mapa


Freestanding cabinets-depth 320mm with insulators - KSi, KSZi


Insulators integrated with back walls of cabinet make possible to fix vertical switches-spacing 185 mm. KSi, KSZi cabinets are usually used to construct cable junctions.

Izolatory - miniatura


Basic parameters:
Protection grade IP44 ,IP54 - option
Impact resistance IK10
Depth 320 mm
Rated insulation voltage AC 690V
Temperature operating conditions -50; +85oC
Flammability category V0
Colour RAL 7035
Protection class II
Tracking resistance CTI 600
Dielectric strength 22 kV/mm
Resistivity 1014Ωcm

EN 61 439-1
EN 61 439-3
EN 61 439-5
EN 62 208