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Frame cabinets, depending on the equipment installed in them, can be used for constructing LV switchgears, monitoring of electrical devices, supervision of production processes. The cabinets can be combined with each other in sets. The material of the cabinet and pedestal is made of carbon steel DC01.


  • components connected with each other by welding,
  • single door for a width less than or equal to 1000mm,
  • double doors for a width greater than 1000mm,
  • 4-point lever lock for patented locking cylinder,
  • powder  coated cabinets and pedestals. 

Operating conditions: 

  • W - inside in dry condition.


  • possibility to connect cabinets in sets,
  • perforated frame allows for easy assembly of equipment, 
  • selection of the degree of IP tightness depending on the cabinet operating conditions,
  • removable side and rear panels provide free access to the interior of the cabinet.

Installation method;:

  • CR1 on socles with a height equal to 100mm.

Basic equipment:

  • frame + door.

Optional equipment:

  • BRW- internal side walls (IP41),
  • BRZ- external side walls (IP55),
  • PRW- internal back (IP 41),
  • PRZ- external back (IP55),
  • CR1- a socle with a height equal 100mm,
  • CR2- a socle with a height of 200mm,
  • K.KD,KG,KN- cable glands  plates,
  • P1- mounting plates,
  • ZM- modular construction,
  • DW- internal doors,
  • NSR- corner cabinets.
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Basic parameters:
Resistance to mechanical impacts IK10
Degree of protection

IP 41, IP55

Protection class I
Colour RAL 7035