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Cabinets made of glass-fibre reinforced polyester (GRP) for prefabrication of switchgear stations.

Miniatura obudowy STT - zestaw

Miniatura obudowy STO - zestaw

Types of cabinets, application

The front side and the rear side of the cabinet is equipped with three-point locking system. Option - opening only from one side.
The cabinet is manufactured in six main configurations:

  • STT - enclosure designated for prefabrication of transformer switchgear stations. Equipped with the roof with the chimneys and the platform with the holders for mounting on the pole. The system of insulators allow the installation of vertical fuse rails (supplied from the bottom or from the top). There is a possibility of mounting a cable canal system in the bottom part of the enclosure;
  • STTK - cabinet dedicated for prefabrication of switchgear stations, equipped with polyester short base which gives us additional space for apparatus with non-standard dimensions and comfort while connecting the cables;
  • STTF - enclosure designated for prefabrication of transformer switchgear stations. Equipped with the GRP pedestal, which enables stable positioning of the switchgear in the ground;
  • STO - universal enclosure. The system of insulators allows the installation of vertical fuse rails or other large dimensions electrical equipment by the usage of various types of supporting elements (mounting plates, profiles, etc);
  • STOK - universal cabinet with short base;
  • STOF - universal enclosure with the GRP pedestal.

Obudowa STT - mapa

Basic features and parameters

  • Prefabricated switchgear on the STT cabinet (station cabinet of thermosetting material) enables to get the II class protection;
  • Rigid construction;
  • Excellent electrical insulating properties;
  • Very good thermal insulation, temperature stability, protection of internal components against low and high temperatures (switchgear does not heat up when exposed to the sunlight);
  • Transparency of enclosure for a GSM signal;
  • Easy to install, the door can be dismantled without special tools;
  • Repeatability of enclosure construction, as well as mounting parts and fixing elements;
  • The versatility of brackets for mounting on different types of poles/masts;
  • Low maintenance requirements;
  • Safe operation;
  • Possibility to install the signaling „door open”;
  • Keeps high quality at relatively low price;
  • Painted enclosure UV rays resistant;
  • High aesthetic performance;
  • Versatility: installation on a pole, or as a freestanding cabinet.


Basic parameters:

Protection grade IP44
Impact resistance IK10
Depth 245mm
Rated insulation voltage AC 690V
Temperature operating conditions -50; +85oC
Flammability category V0
Colour RAL 7035
Protection class II
Tracking resistance CTI 600
Dielectric strength 22 kV/mm
Resistivity 1014Ωcm
Conformity PN-EN 62208-2006
PN-EN 60529-2003
PN-EN 62262-2003
PN-EN 50274-2004
PN-EN 61439-1:2010
PN-EN 61439-2:2010