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NKK pole-mounted cable duct system is intended for installation on pole-mounted transformer substations and allows to lead the cable tracks. The cables placed there are blocked by transverse u-bars which are attached by screws to the pressed nuts. It significantly facilitates whole assembly.

Thanks to bent aluminum profiles with a thickness of 2mm the whole construction is rigid and lightweight. In addition, the cable duct is powder-coated with polyester paint.

NKK cable duct has modular design,which includes:

  • NKK 200 – pole-mounted cable duct with the length of 2 m, equipped with two grips for mounting it on the pole and also a mounting holes and connectors, which allow the extension of duct in any direction by attaching the supplementary module NKK 100;
  • NKK 100 – supplementary module with the length of 1 m, equipped with one mounting grip and connectors, which allow for connecting it with cable duct NKK 200 or other module NKK 100

An optional is possible to purchase a mounting set of cable duct on a pole.